• Where are these tables made?
    All BONZINI tables are handcrafted in Paris, France since 1950s. Only first grade materials are used to build the best foosball table in the world.

  • I don’t see prices here, how much do they cost?
    As BONZINI tables are customizable, it’s impossible to put a definitive price tag. In general, a regular Bonzini table will cost from SGD3000 + to around SGD5000 for a fully customized model. Also, our prices over at Bonzini Babyfoot Singapore are among the most competitive around the world.

  • How different are these tables to the other brands?
    Bonzini tables are built for life, and others are not. It’s all in the materials. Bonzini is the only company using first grade beech wood for it’s cabinetry, while most other makers opt for cheaper compressed wood like MDF.

  • I’ve bought one, how do I maintain it from here on?
    Lubricate the inner rods by using a few drops of Vaseline. After a long period of time, you can apply clear polyurethane varnish to upkeep the gloss on your Bonzini table.


  • What can be done?
    Almost anything can be done to the regular B90. You can opt for various finishes, print on it, and even customize minor details like players’ skin colour and playing kits. Visit our B90 custom page to get a better idea.

  • How long does it take to customise a table?
    As all tables are built to order, it will usually take Bonzini 2 – 3 weeks to have it completed. From there, we can opt for various shipping options depending on your requirements.

  • Do you guys provide designing services?
    Yes. We are able to produce designs for your table at a small fee. We will produce mock ups based on your requirements and make changes from there. This is what we do for most corporate clients as well.

  • Possible to customise the designer tables?
    Occasionally, some customers like tables from the designer range but want to make some minor changes to the design. This is possible. Speak to us and we can discuss this thoroughly.


  • Are you guys the authorized dealers of Bonzini?
    Yes we are. We’re the official sole distributors for Bonzini tables in Singapore, and as well, ship tables regionally. All our Bonzini tables are imported from Bonzini Paris, and are 100% genuine.

  • Which countries do you ship to?
    We ship to almost every country in the world. Unless you are based in a really remote area, it’s likely that we are able to ship it to you. Just speak to us if you have any doubts in this area.

  • Is the delivery process safe?
    Yes, definitely. We use a top class forwarder for all our shipping needs. The table is usually shipped by plane and would take a couple of days to reach you.

  • What about assembly of the table?
    We ship our tables almost fully assembled. Once it reaches you, it takes only around 15 minutes to get it ready and playing. We will provide you with a detailed guide on handling the assembly process.

  • How do I make payments?
    We accept two forms of payments – Paypal or Bank transfer. Either way, PayPal is 100% safe and a consumer protection system is in place to look out for your needs.

  • Are you guys experienced with international orders?
    Of course. We have shipped to many countries over the years as we are one of the most active dealers in the area.

  • Are these genuine BONZINI tables?
    Definitely. We are an authorized dealer of Bonzini. You can find our information on Also, each and every Bonzini table is built with a unique ID that is verifiable with Bonzini themselves.